Deep Tissue Massage

Help remove excess lactic acid from the body system, resulting fast recovery. Concentrates on specific muscle groups used in particular sports activities or workouts.

 30-min – $50.00 | 1-hour – $90.00 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are placed on key energy points on the body,evoking an aura of warmth.The deep penetrating heat from the stones is used to massage the body using traditional techniques to soothe stress & to relieve muscle aches.

 30-min – $50.00 |  1-hour – $90.00

Swedish Massage

This kind of massage consist of applying different amounts of pressure to different points on the body – such as the back receiving more pressure than on the hands and face. Relaxation is always the focus of Swedish massage.

30 min – $40.00 | 1-hour $70.00

Pre-natal Massage

This is a softly aromatic and soothing massage for the expectant mother.The focus is on the lower back and legs to improve circulation and relax the Body and mind. For the expectant DAD. This massage helps relive the tension and stress of the expecting DAD who must endure the emotional and physical sufferings of childbirth for both his wife and child to be.

 30-min $35.00 | 1-hour $60.00 | 90-min $85.00

Romeo & Juliet Massage

Togetherness is trending very hot these days,as with this couple’s massage.

1-hour $110.00

Sports Massage

For anyone who works out, plays a sport or plans to, this massage will help remove excess lactic acid from the body system. You will leave with muscles and tissue in top condition. A great way to relieve or prevent aches and pains.

 30min – $35.00 | 1hour – $65.00

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is based on the premise that the organs of the body have corresponding reflex points on other parts of the body, especially the feet. Massaging these points improves circulation,eliminates energy blockage and also promotes relaxation and a sense of well being.

30-min $35.00  |  1-hour $65.00

Shiatsu Massage

An oriental healing method in which specific pressure points are pressed to stimulate the movement

 30-min $35.00 | 1-hour $60.00 | 90-min $85.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils are used with a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage.

1/2-hour $35.00 | 45-min $45.00 | 1-hour $60.00

Four Hands luxurious Massage

In this kind of massage ,two therapists will give You full body massage at the same time.

30-min $60.00 | 1-hour $95.00 | 90-min $150.00

Champagne Exotic Massage

30-min – $55.00| 1-hour – $99.00