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If you’re looking to give your hair a boost, your first thought may be to drop a ton of money on salon hair products, but celebrity hairstylist Kyle Krieger explained that it’s actually likely your routine — not just your products — that could be the biggest culprit for your hair woes.(hair salon 10019)

Krieger has been a hairstylist for more than 10 years. Though he’s very familiar with using Aveda haircare products at Spoke & Weal salon, where he works a few days a week, Krieger spent many years using common drugstore brands on his hair. Even when working with celebrities, Krieger said that he commonly found that drugstore products were on set.
“Sometimes I see people using drugstore products on set all the time,” he told us. “For example, an Elnett Hairspray: Probably not very good for the environment, but this Elnett Hairspray that you can get at a drugstore is one of the most favorite hairsprays of stylists that want to get volume with someone’s hair and really hold someone’s hair for a shoot. It’s very fragrant and it smellsWashing your hair could be hurting it. Hair Salon 10019 NYC - 1-9-18 very strong, but it does the trick.”

But Krieger said that the real issue is shampoo — namely what kind you use and how often. He said that many drugstore shampoos are not made with careful consideration and detail, and as a result, they can strip the scalp of natural oils. He said that, combined with how often you’re shampooing your hair, can be bad news for your hair.(hair salon 10019)

“I feel like most people generally shampoo too often and a lot of people are shampooing their hair every day,” mentioned. “If you’re using a shampoo that you get from a drugstore, a lot of them can be very astringent; they can be very drying.” Though the back of the bottle may tell you to, shampooing your hair every day is probably not a great choice for your hair. He advised that people actually trim down their hair washing routine to once or twice a week and spring for more high-end shampoos and conditioners, and leaving drugstore purchases for styling products.

“The back of the shampoo bottle may suggest you shampoo once a day or once every other day because I feel like they’re trying to get you to buy shampoo and then go through it quickly so that you can come back and buy more. It’s a business model,” he said.

If you do follow Krieger’s advice and only shampoo once or twice a week, you may have noticed that your hair becomes oily within a few days. This is natural at first and over time, Krieger explained, the body will adjust to the new shampooing regimen.

“If you give your body enough time to adjust, eventually it will figure out that you’re only shampooing once a week and your body will adjust to itself and start to produce oil at a slower rate,” he said.

If you’ve had a hard time adjusting to temporarily more oily hair due to decreased shampooing, Krieger advised using a dry shampoo.

(hair salon 10019)

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